Concerned Citizens of Surry County

CCSC Meeting Tuesday, February 15th! (Free Event)
Feb 15, 7:00 PM
Mount Airy
The Constitution is the law of the land here in America. Unfortunately, most of us don't really know what it says, much less how to interpret it. Join us as we learn from Christin McMasters who has a Ph.D. in political science and is an expert in the Constitution. Bring your students and friends!
As a citizen of Surry County:

Are you feeling oppressed?

Are you feeling powerless?


Do you feel unsafe asking questions or having a conversation where you can speak freely about your concerns?

CCSC gives Surry county citizens an opportunity to have that conversation with others who are also concerned.

As Christians, how do we navigate the current narrative with confidence that we are demonstrating we are ruled by God’s Word when it comes to: 

self-government vs big government

self-control vs government control

man’s law vs God’s law?

CCSC will help answer those and other pressing questions.


How do we affect change in our community? What steps can we take to once again become the voice of “we the people”? 

CCSC will equip citizens with simple action steps they can take to truly make a difference, both individually and collectively.


Let's talk!

Reliable Sources Reporting Current Activity in Surry County

About CCSC:
Concerned Citizens of Surry County is a group that was started by several local law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who live and work in Surry County. Many of us are business owners who are deeply concerned about the future of our community and country.  We strongly believe that there are many others who feel as we do but have not had the courage or opportunity to take steps toward restoring our God-given liberties. Our hope is to become a reasonable and powerful voice in our community to secure the future for our children and grandchildren.

Our Mission:

To inform, educate, and mobilize the people of God for societal (or civil) action that will preserve the blessing of liberty in our communities and nation. 



-Advance Christ’s Kingdom

-Apply God’s Word to our civil affairs 

-Activate Christian families to live out distinctly Christian citizenship