August 18th Community Update

We have all been frustrated with censorship and the obstacles that are continually put in the way of having access to accurate information. CCSC cares very much about our community. We are on a fact-finding mission to bring you the TRUTH about where our elected officials stand on the most pressing issues facing us here in Surry County and the state of NC.

We need change and the only way that is going to happen is if WE THE PEOPLE find the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. We are tired of not being able to trust many of our elected officials, so from here on out we plan to hold their feet to fire.

We must raise the standard when it comes to those holding office in our community and state. We will settle for nothing less than complete transparency. No more muddy waters.

We are asking the hard questions, doing our homework, and bringing you updates (not hearsay) on a regular basis.

Over the last couple of weeks our local school boards, both city and county, have made the decision to require mask wearing for all children attending schools. Many parents are not happy about this and shared their concerns with the school boards in a variety of peaceful, respectful ways. A petition for mask choice was signed by over 200 in the city school district. Superintendent Kim Morrison was not happy about this. She communicated her feelings clearly by stating, "Nothing makes me angrier than unvaccinated parents and unmasked children."

Another mom started a FB group called Surry Parents for Mask Choice. Within a week over 1100 people had joined. Many in the group sent a form explaining why their children were not going to wear masks to school. This form was written by a lawyer. At Cedar Ridge Elementary the teachers were told by Principal Donna Bledsoe to ignore the forms that were sent in. They were also instructed by her to lock the doors if any parent or child tried to enter the school building without a mask. In addition, she threatened one teacher with "lots of quarantine" since this teacher chose not to take the trial Covid shot.

On Monday evening (August 16th), a meeting was held for these concerned parents. There was a group of 40-50 and the meeting was held like a school board meeting (according to Robert's Rule of Law) The meeting was recorded. Parents came up with a plan of action. One of those plans was to ask for a special meeting between the school board and the parents. 3 people were chosen to speak in order to represent the parents and the parents plan to be present as well. We will keep you updated on whether or not the school board agrees to hear the parent's concerns.

More news coming soon as to where many of our elected officials stand on Executive Orders, Cooper's use of power, compulsory vaccines, and vaccine cards.