August 24th Community Update

The next Concerned Citizens meeting is September 20th, at 7 pm at The Sanctuary Church! This is going to be a great meeting that will be much like a town hall setting with time for questions and answers!

We have all been frustrated with censorship and the obstacles that are continually put in the way of having access to accurate information. CCSC cares very much about our community. We are on a fact-finding mission to bring you the TRUTH about where our elected officials stand on the most pressing issues facing us here in Surry County and the state of NC.

We need change and the only way that is going to happen is if WE THE PEOPLE find the truth, speak the truth and live the truth. We are tired of not being able to trust many of our elected officials, so from here on out we plan to hold their feet to fire.

We must raise the standard when it comes to those holding office in our community and state. We will settle for nothing less than complete transparency. No more muddy waters.

We are asking the hard questions, doing our homework, and bringing you updates (not hearsay) on a regular basis.

No Mask Choice for Surry County Students Despite Surrounding Counties Offering Choice

Mount Airy School district had School Resource Officers present when parents recently brought their children to school. These Mount Airy Police Officers are typically present, but this year, part of their job was to be available should any parent or student try to enter without a mask. If a parent or child would not wear one, they would not be allowed in the building. If they were asked to leave by any of the school supervisors and wouldn't leave, they could be charged with trespassing.

Though there are many parents who believe it is their right to make medical choices for their children, all parents who attended the first day at MA schools complied.

In Surry County School District, parents for mask choice asked for a meeting with Surry County School Board so they could have an open, respectful conversation about their concerns. The School Board refused to hear anything the parents had to say.

One parent attended orientation with her child and neither were allowed into the building because they were not wearing masks. They left the premises without entering the building or attending orientation on the grounds. They documented these experiences on video. Parents, who have the Constitutional right to make this medical decision (not masking their children), are only given the option to do orientation online and their child will not be allowed any access to the teachers, building, or full education that they pay for with their taxes.

Several parents have withdrawn their children from enrollment in the Surry County School District. Stokes County schools have chosen mask choice and they are being flooded with new students from Forsythe and Surry Country whose parents are not happy with Surry/MA School District's mask policy.

The pressure continues to rise to receive the shot as students who have not been vaccinated will not be able to attend class for 14 days if even only one other student in the classroom tests positive for Covid.

Christin McMasters has confirmed that the best way to ultimately address this is to vote in new board members. Unfortunately, anything "public", including education, is subject to "public" policies. However, everything changes in the private sector: private education, homeschooling, etc. as these do not fall under the same rules.

Holding Elected Officials and Candidates Accountable

Concerned Citizens are calling for transparency from all elected officials and future candidates. We will ask the hard questions and we expect nothing less than clear answers because these candidates work for us. We are the employers, they are the employees. The Constitution and the NC Constitution are the job descriptions of our elected officials and we simply want them to do their job, nothing more, nothing less.

We reached out to all local elected officials with two questions. We received answers from some, but not all.

We are publishing the questions along with the responses we received.

1.) What is your position on the governor's new executive orders. Are you comfortable with Cooper's use of power?

2.) What is your position on compulsory vaccines and vaccine cards?

Representative Kyle Hall:

  1. I've never thought Governor Cooper's orders made any sense and I'm not comfortable at all with his abuse of power, which is why I've voted for bills limiting his emergency powers.

  2. I believe vaccines are a choice between a patient and a doctor. I absolutely don't support vaccine passports. The House has already passed a bill prohibiting passports.

City Council Member and Mayoral Candidate Jon Cawley:

I can confirm my positions on the Governor’s use of Executive Orders being out of what the framers of our State Constitution had in mind. So much has changed in our world and the understanding of freedom that there seems to be little recourse to change said orders or even to have conversations with any legitimacy.

City Council Member Steve Yokely

City Council Member Tom Koch (it took 3 emails to get a response):

City Council Member Marie Wood:

Surry County Board of Commissioner Mark Marion:

Surry County Board of Commissioner Eddie Harris:

Please continue to pray for our county: elected officials, citizens, churches, businesses, healthcare.