Concerned Citizens Update

We will have our next CCSC meeting on Monday, December 6th at 7 pm at The Sanctuary Church.

Johnathan Sechrist will be teaching us about how to prepare for emergencies. We know there is the ongoing threat of supply chain delays and cut-offs and even if those never happen, it's wise to know how to best be prepared for any emergency that comes along so that we can not only take care of ourselves but those in our community. The more of us who are prepared, the better!

Please invite family and friends to this meeting!

In other news, Northern Regional Hospital wisely suspended the vaccine mandate for all its health care workers! This is likely tied back to the fact that cases are now hitting the court system and because these mandates do NOT have the power of the law to uphold them, the courts are ruling AGAINST them.

Here is a link to read more about these precedent-setting cases happening right now. I would also recommend subscribing to this blog I just mentioned so you can get accurate and up-to-date information in bite-sized pieces. This blog is written by a very well-informed attorney in Florida.

Be assured, the narrative is crumbling and the powers that be will likely pull out all the stops to try to hold things together, another good reason to attend our next CCSC meeting!

We look forward to seeing you there!