Surry County School Board Takes 25M to Enforce Universal Mask Mandate


Surry County School Board took federal funds and sold their staff and students out for $25M to a universal mask mandate. It is not likely that they will hesitate to take more for a vaccine universal mandate, which has been halted by the US Supreme Court.

An important thing to note is that according to the U.S. Constitution (the job description of the federal government) the federal government cannot bypass the state by enforcing a federal mask-wearing mandate. In other words, there is no power of the law behind this federal mandate and therefore, there is no way to lawfully enforce it.

Another thing we must not forget: A MANDATE IS NOT A LAW.


Parents and tax-paying citizens need to show up at the next Surry County School Board meeting on Monday (Nov.1st) and let them know we are not going to stop standing. We need to work with the County Commissioners to halt any funding since we have a letter that proves that they have taken the bribe.

Since a lawsuit on behalf of the parents against the SCSB is in the works, we need any parent whose child attends any of the Surry County Schools and has been negatively impacted by mask wearing to please fill out an affidavit ASAP. Please contact Jan Yokely: And please come to the meeting!

MEETING INFO: Please come a little before 5 pm to Pilot Middle School 543 Old Westfield Rd, Pilot Mountain MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST

What is happening in Surry County is happening across the state and country. From North Carolina Journal:

“As parents and guardians became more engaged in the education of their children during the pandemic, they discovered that their schools enforced arbitrary rules, maintained counterproductive practices, and delivered politicized instruction,” said Dr. Terry Stoops, director of the Center for Effective Education at the John Locke Foundation.

“Rather than using parental objections as an opportunity to reflect on the logic of existing arrangements, many school employees and school board members simply dismissed the legitimate concerns of families and bristled at anyone who dared to question their judgment.”

Please take the time to stand up for the children in our community.