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Ways to Be a Voice

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Ways to Be a Voice

Remember the fight is very much an information war

Share reliable resources and information

ON A LOCAL LEVEL: Grassroots movements are powerful...they take longer, but they are

more effective! We have to stop thinking in terms of top down (although elections are crucial) and instead think from the bottom up. What does that mean? That means you and I CAN make a difference by simply being involved on a local level in our day to day as we

go about our business, stay aware and stay active!

*Take time to have conversations about what’s happening and how we need to speak up

For example: if I see someone not wearing a mask, I thank them for exercising their Constitutional right to live free and make their own choices. That typically leads to a great conversation, people are encouraged and they will likely spread that encouragement.

(Use CCSC business cards which you can get from us for free to invite others to check out our website and sign up to receive regular updates!)

*Attend City Council Meetings: You have 3 minutes to speak to the council if you want to. You have to let them know when you get there that you want to speak. When you speak, let them know you are part of CCSC. Be respectful but clear and remember your talk does not have to be perfect, just clear!

*Call out local officials publicly by name if they are complicit in attacking those who are defending the Constitution AND/OR not defending our Constitutional liberties.

Write letters to the editor of the paper(up to 500-700 words), post on social media, write letters to whoever the officials are accountable to.

Be sure to encourage officials when good decisions are made as well! The important thing is that we the people are being a voice against tyranny and for liberty.

(*Remember to always be respectful, but very clear)

*Get ahead of the next election-What seats are opening up? Who is potentially running? Who can we talk to about running? Are some of us willing to run? The more we infiltrate the community, the bigger voice we will have on behalf of we the people and the Constitution!

We could really use someone to do the homework on this and share it with the community!

*Shop locally-the big corporations have become even more wealthy over the last year while small businesses either closed down or are struggling. Even worse, many big corporations are censoring free speech and wiping important info from the web. Many of us are ditching Amazon and finding local businesses to buy our products.

Let’s support the businesses in our own community who deserve our support. We have many, many mask choice friendly businesses.

*Call and email our local representatives expressing our concerns for the areas that they are responsible for. For example, Patrick McHenry is now representing our county in DC and he does not represent the people's best interests. (There is a list of contact info for elected officials here on the website.)

*Do not participate in anything that has the potential to become violent

*If a conflict ensues under any circumstances be sure to start video recording immediately.

Sign up to receive emails texts from this group as we will reach out whenever we need to mobilize as a group to deal with issues that require us to defend and protect our community's liberties.


*Call and/or email your State Senators and Representatives expressing any concerns and encouraging them to keep their oath to uphold the Constitution.

*Call and/or email NC Attorney General and encourage him to go after big tech. Tell him to restrict Amazon from doing business in NC because Amazon is denying our Constitutional rights to free speech by censoring platforms like Parler.

*Reopen NC has changed to "Impeach Roy Cooper". If anyone can stay updated on their FB page posts and can bring that info to this community, that would be great!